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Spirit Dance

Dancing From the Inside Out! With Alisa Mealor Drawing from a wide variety of dance techniques, we begin each session with a warm-up,transition into an open flow of movement and end in stillness. This guided structure, without steps to learn or routines to memorize, can be individualized to suit all ability levels. Sweat a little,…


Essentrics With Alisa Mealor will… ●Rebalance your body Unlock tight joints Improve your posture Change your body’s shape Increase your flexibility This low-impact, equipment-free class is perfect for men and women and will leave you feeling energized, youthful and healthy. Essentrics is a dynamic, full-body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening, while engaging all…

A Course in Miracles

Not all of the teachings of Jesus were recorded in the Bible. “A Course In Miracles” helps us understand Jesus’ gift of truth.

Feldenkrais Method with Mara Neimanis

Relinquish habitual movement patterns that cause or contribute to chronic pain in this gentle group class where we will teach the body to experience easier and more efficient ways to move. Each class features a different Feldenkrais exercise or “lesson,” and involves making gentle movements, slowly with minimal effort on the floor, while paying attention…