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Qigong Practices and Community Meditation

Qigong Practices and Community Meditation 
With Rev. Judi Elia
Tuesdays at 10:30 am
Beginning October 23rd

Qigong is a traditional method of physical, mental, and spiritual cultivation. Qi is breath, energy, yin and yang, heaven and earth, food, medicine, and light and life. Gong means to cultivate, work, attain, strengthen, and develop over time.  Qigong facilitates the development of vital energies.  There are thousands of different forms of Qigong including meditations and visualizations, breathing practices, mudras, mantras, sacred music, certain sequences of exercises and movements that include Tai Ji, and other martial arts.

Rev. Judi Elia has been practicing Qigong and teaching Meditation for Anchorover twenty-five years.  She is a student of Chungliang Al Huang, Zhongxian Wu and Deng Ming Dao. She has a passion for inspiring peace, health and happiness in people of all ages and stages of Life.  For more information contact: or text her at (904) 314-8043.