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Unity of the Keys: Church Coordinator Position

JOB TITLE: Church Coordinator
REPORTS TO: Senior Minister

A. General Description of Position:

The Church Coordinator will coordinate, facilitate, implement and monitor
the business affairs of Unity of the Keys within a system based on Unity
principles, in order that we, as Unity of the Keys and all of its members, can
joyfully fulfill our mission statement.

B. Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assure that the daily operations of the church run smoothly and
  2. Perform secretarial duties and delegate duties by supporting and managing volunteers.
  3. Maintaining an open line of communication with staff, Minister(s) and, when appropriate, Board.
  4. Supervising the cleaning, maintenance and rental agreements for the
    Church property and facilities.
  5. Coordinating specific details of Sunday Services and any special events
    and preparing the Powerpoint slides and promotional materials.
  6. Maintain schedules and weekly updates in the church WordPress website and send weekly emails.
  7. Working with the Minister, Music Team, Youth Education and other staff to ensure that the Sunday Service and other events run smoothly.
  8. Maintaining efficient and accurate business and membership records of the Church, update emails lists, post photos and events weekly on website, facebook and through promotion in local media sources.
  9. Making bank deposits, Issuing payroll checks and maintaining records in cooperation with the Bookkeeper.
  10. Knowing the limits of authority and making decisions within the
    confines of that authority.
  11. Using Unity Principles and divine guidance in all aspects of job and life.
  12. Maintaining all personnel files, Trustees Meeting Minutes and
    developing SOPS that reflect best practices for our church development and success.
  13. Performing all other duties as assigned by the Senior Minister.

C. Special Skills Required:

Knowledge and experience in using good business management procedures, i.e., leadership qualities, ability to work well with people, ability to keep confidentiality, sense of humor, communication skills, ability to delegate responsibility wisely, ability to be flexible, and the ability to learn and incorporate new ideas or methods into present system. Computer literacy and desk top publishing with basic software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Mailchimp programs. Willingness to learn Quickbooks is desirable. Willingness to accept diversity and learn the core values of Unity of the Keys is essential.

For more information, contact Rev. Judi Elia at: