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1011 Virginia St. Key West, FL
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11:00 am Sunday Celebration

Join us for a Celebration of Spirit that welcomes everyone into our spiritual family. Each week hear inspiring speakers with positive, practical messages. Hear uplifting music and enjoy quiet meditations every week to refresh your spirit.

A Course in Miracles

Not all of the teachings of Jesus were recorded in the Bible. “A Course In Miracles” helps us understand Jesus’ gift of truth.

Event – Rainbow Heart Sand Sculpture

Join us at Higgs Beach near the White Street Pier on Saturday, June 4th, at 9 AM to create a large Rainbow-Colored “Heart Sand Sculpture.”
Everyone is invited to attend this fun beach event. Bring buckets, gardening tools, and sunscreen.

Concert – Love Wins

Join us for an Evening of Family, Love, Pride, and Joy featuring local artists and our children.