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1011 Virginia St. Key West, FL
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About Us

Unity is a positive spiritual path in spiritual living.  We honor the many pathways to God, the many names for God, and the many ways to worship the God of our understanding.  Unity is a safe place for people of all faiths. wherever you are on your spiritual journey we welcome you here with all our hearts.

Our Mission:

“Unity of the Keys is a Spiritual community, celebrating our oneness with God.”

Our Vision:

“Unity of the Keys sees humanity awake to its Divinity, fully experiencing love, peace and abundance.”

What We Offer

Unity Spiritual Center in Key West
Unity Spiritual Center in Key West

Our spiritual center is located in Old Town Key West and offers practical  teachings daily spiritual living. All of our services, workshops, and classes are designed to uplift you and support you in discovering inner joy, peace and harmony, abundance, vibrant health,  and loving relationships.

Each Sunday morning we provide positive, practical, universal teachings, diverse positive music and quiet inner stillness meditations. We also provide loving education and childcare for your children lead by the creative and innovative Leigh Hooten, our Youth Director.

Unity in Key West - Courtyard - Meditation Garden
Courtyard and Meditation Garden

It is truly exciting to constantly see our CommUnity transcend former limitations and  discover new depths of love, power, peace, understanding, and self-mastery. It is also exciting to see people healed in mind, heart, body and relationships, and to see the power of faith-filled prayer demonstrated in our lives. We teach that each person is created “in the image and after the likeness of God” (Genesis 1 :27), and that every person is inherently good. The true self or core of us is spirit, love, wisdom, life energy, and creative power.  We are all equal and unique.  We accept everyone and celebrate our diversity of shapes, sizes, backgrounds, gender identificaiton, age, race, ethnic background, and  sexual orientation.

Whether you live in Key West or you’re visiting the Florida Keys, we invite you to join us and celebrate our One Human Family.

What is the Unity Movement?

The Unity Movement began with Silent Unity, our worldwide prayer ministry. You may call for prayer at 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729) or go to  Unity also publishes books, CD albums, and the Daily Word and Unity magazines

Unity Worldwide Ministries supports some 1,000 churches and other ministries in more than fifity countries and includes Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, educating ministers, licensed Unity teachers, and seekers worldwide.

Watch the overview for Unity Worldwide Ministries.