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A Special Message from Rev Daybree Thoms – June 27, 2022

Sometimes…Spirit takes a storm and creates a beautiful respite to center, heal, regroup and GROW us into what is creating in the next now moment.

We are seeing this in our nation this week with the latest Supreme Court ruling. A storm. We pause; hesitating to responding from a space of fear or anger. If need be – spend some time in that space – feel what you are feeling. I have had to do that myself these past few days. And, we do not allow ourselves to get stuck there.

I have spent time in disbelief, grief and anger.  Some of that anger has been directed at myself for being so naive, never truly believing that a decision such as this, without a safety net to ensure equity for gender healthcare choice, would be made at this level of government.  I denied, to myself, that our nation would ever remove rights previously established.

This is not a political issue – it is not party-specific. This is about reproductive rights, a moral commitment to the idea that reproductive care is healthcare and is essential to the well-being of individuals and families. Each of us, guided by our moral values, by our religious beliefs, and by our personal experiences, perhaps, are touched by this decision.

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr has stated, “Without respect for freedom of choice, peace is not possible.”  Sunday’s Daily Word – I am love in action. Both of these are true.

My heart breaks for the women, men, and families caught in this storm, for it is truly that. I intend to be part of that ongoing struggle – to center, heal, regroup and GROW into what is created in the next now moment. I cannot sit idly by while women are denied the right to choose what is best for them and for their lives. Personally, I would not call myself “Pro-abortion”. I would most definitely call myself “Pro-Choice”. Let each one choose what is best for them and not impose one person’s belief upon another.

We have a responsibility – a commandment – to Love One Another. To do that, to accomplish that daily, hourly, minute by minute, we must be as grounded in divine love as humanly possible.

We must be as grounded in divine love as humanly possible.

From this space alone, we will be clearly guided in the days, weeks, and months ahead. For now, in this moment, regardless of your personal beliefs about the ruling, please send love and compassion to all those so closely affected by this decision.

I walk this path with you, in love,

Rev Daybree


Reverend Emeritus Evelyn Virginia Faulkner Casper made her transition on May 2, 2022, at her home on Big Pine Key, Florida.

Her Celebration of Life was held at Unity of the Keys on Saturday, June 4th at 2 PM.

To read Reverend Evelyn’s obituary please click HERE.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Unity of the Keys. It was the desire of Reverend Evelyn to have donations go directly towards Unity’s  “Mortgage Free in 23” campaign. It is truly our joy to honor Rev Evelyn in this way and to know the community she started will continue for many, many years to come.


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