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Surrendering into the Unknown

On March 4th, Rev. Ross Campbell was our guest speaker. His lesson was

“Surrendering into the Unknown.”
 Surrender. Let Go and Let God. These are ideas that we talk about often on our spiritual journey. To fully embrace these ideas we must know what we are surrendering to and what we are letting go of. As we affirm in Unity that God is good then our surrender is into the good that is God. Therefore, there can be no fear, no hesitation and no doubt that we live in God and God is good: All the time!

As I write these words in the shadow of another tragic school shooting in America, sometimes it’s really difficult to believe that God is good: All the time. Yet, it is our work as Torch Bearers of the Light to never give up to the Truth that love and light are far more powerful than fear and violence. So let us all dig deep and remember that God is still in charge of our lives and our world.