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Rev. Daybree Thoms

“Beyond the Five!”

The 5 Basic Unity Principles –  God Is – I am – I create – I pray & meditate – I act. These are solid, foundational Truth teachings.  These teachings help us wrap our arms around what Unity is – What Unity believes – What Unity teaches. And there is so much more to Unity; the 12 Powers, Metaphysical Interpretation of scripture, our spiritual toolboxes which we each continue to build through practice. If you could add a 6th or 7th Unity Principle, what might it be?

Rev. Daybree continues her six week program, “Everything Is Better with Friends,” leading up to Friendship Sunday on September 19.   

You may join us in person! Facemasks are required. Maintain a safe distance that is comfortable for you and for those around you. Please ask before you hug or hold hands. Connect with us live on YouTube, Facebook or Zoom wherever you are!