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Experience Is Created By Thought

On October 14th, Rev. Judi continued her talk series Essential Unity: L.O.V.E.S. which is inspired by the book by Dr. Orestes Gutierrez, “L.O.V.E.S The Answer: Five Principles For Inner and Outer Transformation” This week’s lesson will be “Validate When You Meditate and Pray”

 Rev. Judi met Orestes Gutierrez, his wife Pamela and their three beautiful young children in Jacksonville, FL when she served as Minister at Unity Church for Creative Living. Orestes was completing his residency at the Mayo Clinic, and Pam served with her on the Unity Board of Trustees.

When Orestes asked Rev. Judi to preview the L.O.V.E.S. manuscript she was experiencing severe back pain.  As she read the book she continued to feel better until she realized her back pain was gone.  Rev. Judi believes this is a very special book filled with Matrika Shakti, the power of sacred words to heal and transform.

Copies of the Book will be available for sale in our Bookstore and at for $12.95.

 October 14: Experience Is Created by Thought  Human beings create their experience by the activity of their thinking.  Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

 October 21: Stardust in Everyone.  Human beings have a spark of Divinity within, their very essence is of God and therefore are also inherently good.

 Community is the next Buddha!
–Thicht Nhat Hahn