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“Father’s Day- The Voice of the Father – Return of the Prodigal Son” with Rev. Daybree Thoms, Live in Key West

Join us Sunday, June 20 for Father’s Day at 11:00 am, as Rev. Daybree Thoms returns to Key West and continues to explore Luke 15:11-32, the voice of the Father; Forgiving, embracing, accepting, joyous, loving. Strong.

When have we been this? When have we asked no questions, desired no explanations, and simply reveled in welcoming someone who has been “lost”?  The Voice of the Father is within each one of us, waiting to be revealed and expressed through us.

We will have a special video Tribute to all Fathers in honor of those who have guided us and loved us throughout our lives.

You can join us in person! Facemasks please and social distancing are required. We check temperatures and have excellent sanitizers at our entrances. Unity of the Keys is a place of healing prayer! Connect with us live on YouTube, Facebook or Zoom wherever you are!