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I Pray and Meditate: Unity Principle #4

On August 27th, Rev. Daybree Thoms’ lesson was

I Pray and Meditate: Unity Principle #4
Back to Basics ~ The 5 Basic Unity Principles

This principle is the grounding & centering principle.  We’ve discovered that there is only One Power and One Presence, God the Good – and we are reassured of this presence everywhere. This presence of good is present in everyone – connecting us with all – helping us to see the essential good in ourselves and in all others.  We feel awed and inspired by this awareness. Then we discover that we CREATE the experience of our world by our thoughts – individually and uniquely – unlimited through the immense power of Imagination.

We are uplifted by the awareness of God within and in our newly discovered role as co-creator in our universe.  We feel expansive by the unveiling of our divine essence. Prayer and meditation are what bring us back to center, what grounds us, and deepens all of our other experiences.  It is not, so much, something we DO, but the intimate experience of the presence of Spirit.

Unity states in Principle #4) “There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases the awareness of our God-Presence” or “Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.”

This week we delved into the very foundation of Unity – the power of prayer.