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“Life Is Like a Camera” with Nancy Callahan

Life is like a camera. When you focus on a rose and click, you get a picture of a rose.

Our daily life may not be that simple but the principle is the same. In Unity we have learned to use tools that help focus on what we want. It is powerful to remember that every thought, word, action, and feeling is attracting to us what we want or don’t want. We set up a vibrational tone that the universe picks up and amplifies. The universe always says yes, whether we are sending out low vibrational thoughts or high vibrational thoughts. You get to say!

Nancy Callahan, as an alum of Michigan State University, has been a teacher and has a background in the employment industry, owning her own staffing company, American Quality Staffing in Raleigh, NC. She has created workshops, taught spiritual classes, delivered motivational messages, and provided spiritual counseling at Unity of Raleigh. Nancy was also the Youth Ed Director at Unity of the Triangle and has lead spiritual services at Sunrise Assisted Living.

Nancy is currently the Volunteer Coordinator at Unity of the Keys and volunteers in the church office two days a week.