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Sunday, April 21, 2024 – “Love’s Children and Fear’s Brood”

Love’s Children and Fear’s Brood

The Answer is Still Love!
Love and fear are the two mental and emotional parents of all our mental states. Love is the mental parent of positivity, and its many children are faith, joy, desire, confidence, enthusiasm, kindness, strength, and calmness. Fear on the hand is the mental parent of negativity and amoung it’s brood are worry, discontentment, hate, malice, jealousy, anger, self pity, shame and doubt.

What mental offspring we generate in our individual lives, and our experience of the world is a direct result of whether we live our lives bathed in love or steeped in fear.
We each have the power to create a gorgeous and gleeful life and influence the beauty of all life experiences. To do so, we must consciously believe in that power and fuel that faith with love. That love starts with learning to love yourself, which is indeed the greatest love of all.

Together, we will come to know this life-changing force at our cellular level and learn to live every moment fully connected to its magnificent power. A life of peace, prosperity, and radiant joy is always within reach. Believe. Fuel that belief with unconditional and unlimited love.

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