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One Power

Continuing with our exploration into the 12 Powers, we look at the Power of “Power”, designated for the month of May, represented by the Disciple Philip, and also represented by the color purple. “Power”, as a divine aspect or expression, is the faculty which enables us to have authority over our emotions, thoughts, and even inspirations.

Power is a word that can trigger negativity, alarm, even angst, given the abuse of power demonstrated in our world throughout time. This “Power” has a much deeper, richer, even kinder meaning – a power that is steeped in spiritual understanding and maturity. This Spiritual Power denies the ego control, soothes and calms our emotions, and guides our thoughts to right-thinking and, ultimately, right action.

In Unity, we believe there is only One Presence, and One Power, God the Good, Omnipotent. We affirm this together each week. This week we remind ourselves that this is not a power, separate and apart from us – but the very truth of our being.