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On November 26th, Lori Neilson’s lesson was be Spinning.

We all go through periods when our lives seem to be spinning round and round to some degree.  How do we make it stop?  How do we get centered and find the peace within and around us?  The answer is always God.  Peace, Be Still.

Lori has a background in education and theatre.  In the 25 years that Lori has been a Member of Unity of the Keys, she has participated in multiple classes and workshops.  And has also served the church in almost every way possible. Lori  started as our Youth Ed Director, served on the Board, Ministerial Search Team, Christmas Parade, Music Team, Building Team, Hospitality, Prayer Team, Lead Workshops, and Wednesday Evening Prayer and Meditation services.  She’s most grateful to Reverend Evelyn Casper for asking her to get up on the platform with Drama Ministry and to be a Platform Assistant.