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The 3 Faces of God – Part 2

On July 16th, Rev. Daybree Thoms’ lesson was The 3 Faces of God – Part 2.

The three faces of God are simply three ways we approach God. 1-2-3.

1st person – the God within.

2nd person – God as “thou”, the Holy Other, speaking “to” God.

3rd person – speaking “about” God, separate and apart, reflection about the Divine.

Jesus, our Way-shower, spoke in all three; as, to, and about God.

Many religions are comfortable speaking about God in the 3rd person, in the act of REFLECTION; reflecting about the divine. Many religions are comfortable speaking from the 1st person, the God within. This week we explored the 2nd face of God – the perspective of God in the 2nd person; speaking to God. This is the world of DEVOTION. Together we pushed past the barriers of what our “to” might look like –  your God (and all the variations), my Buddha (and all the variations), his Jesus (and all the variations), her Shiva, their Krishna, etc. Our “to”‘s do not need to match and they may be ever changing and evolving for us.

The way of devotion, of personal, direct interaction with Spirit, has become old-fashioned or archaic in modern Christian realms. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, had no issue with devotion. Myrtle spoke to God in conversation. Myrtle would place a chair in front of her and speak as if Jesus were present. Charles Fillmore would “go to headquarters”, meaning he would speak to God directly for guidance as part of his daily practice.

We explored this world of Devotion, of unabashed 2nd person, direct conversation, speaking “to” God; our personal perception of Spirit. We re-examined and perhaps re-introduced this vital aspect of our spiritual lives.