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Rev. Daybree Thoms

“The Book of Joy ~ Humility, Modesty, Joy & the Strength of Laughter” with Rev. Daybree Thoms

Welcome to Our Sunday Celebration on May 2 at 11:00 a.m. with Rev. Daybree Thoms’ lesson “The Book of Joy ~ Humility, Modesty, Joy & the Strength of Laughter.”

There is a Tibetan prayer, where the Tibetan master says, “Whenever I see someone, may I never feel superior. From the depth of my heart, may I be able to really appreciate the other person in front of me.” How can we experience joy, the true joy of living and being, if we are separating ourselves from our own Oneness? From one another?

Continuing our journey into The Book of Joy, Lasting Happiness in a Changing World,  the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu are both insistent that humility is essential to any possibility of joy. Interdependence, mutual support, and connection are vital to our sense of well-being and to the deepening sense of our place in this vast and changing world.  To laugh at ourselves, to laugh out-loud – without reserve – feeds our soul.

This week we also look at one aspect of the Power of Strength, one of the 12 powers identified by co-founder of the Unity movement, Charles Fillmore. It sometimes takes will and strength to laugh instead of to cry. A Mexican shaman once said that laughing and crying are the same thing- laughing just feels better.

You can join us in person! Facemasks please and social distancing are required. We check temperatures and have excellent sanitizers at our entrances. Unity of the Keys is a place of healing prayer!

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