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“The Book of Joy – The Strength of Acceptance & Living in Joy” with Rev. Daybree Thoms- Live in Key West

Join us Sunday, May 16 at 11:00 am as Rev. Daybree Thoms is with us in the sanctuary, presenting her lesson, “The Book of Joy – The Strength of Acceptance & Living in Joy.”

This week we acknowledge the connection between the Power of Strength and Acceptance. As humans, we so want to resist, deny, and avoid accepting life in all its pain, imperfection, and beauty. It takes great strength to instead move towards acceptance of what is. When we accept the present, we can forgive and release the desire for a different past. Through acceptance, we move into the fullness of joy.

Every day, think as you wake up, “I am fortunate to be alive”, advice from the Dalai Lama. Gratitude is the elevation of enjoyment, the ennobling of enjoyment. Brother David Steindle-Rast, a Catholic Benedictine monk and scholar explains, “It is not happiness that makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy.”

Gratitude and joy are inseparable. Living in gratitude expands the joy in our lives, helps us recognize that for which we can be grateful, and elevates our experience of joy; living in joy.

You can join us in person! Facemasks please and social distancing are required. We check temperatures and have excellent sanitizers at our entrances. Unity of the Keys is a place of healing prayer!

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Following the Service at 12:15 pm we are having a Town Hall Meeting in the sanctuary. All are welcome to attend. You may also attend via Zoom from meetings