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The Three Faces of God – The Power of Understanding

On July 30th , Rev. Daybree Thoms’ lesson was

The Three Faces of God – The Power of Understanding

The three faces of God are simply three ways we approach God. 1-2-3.

1st person – the God within, “as”.

2nd person – God as “thou”, the Holy Other, speaking “to” God.

3rd person – speaking “about” God, separate and apart, reflection about the Divine.

Jesus, our Way-shower, spoke in all three; as, to, and about God.

This Sunday we move into the deeper practice of embracing all three perspectives, all three “faces of God”, knowing we need not exclude, but rather include and expand our spiritual practices. In Unity we have been known to “pick and choose” was what works for us and to disregard what does not. That is a valid process, discernment, in life in general. Within the realm of Spirituality, there is precious little that requires complete rejection; rather, refinement and a deepening of understanding of application and relativity.

Through this continuing process of embracing all three faces of God, all three perspectives, we find a wealth of rituals and traditions which we may newly explore and re-introduce into our spiritual world. This Sunday, the ritual of Baptism will be offered as an open call and invitation. Baptis is an outward, symbolic acceptance of the divine, the true inner knowing of who we are as God’s Beloved. Infinite God, Intimate God, and the God of our Being. All three faces of God.

Join us as we celebrate our heritage and our ever-evolving awareness of the Divine, deepening and broadening our Power of Understanding. A unique and sacred ceremony has been created, inspired from the exploration of the 3 Faces of God. Wear white this Sunday, representing the purity of our God essence