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Rev. Daybree Thoms

Welcoming the Unwelcome – Thriving Together in Turbulent Times with Rev. Daybree Thoms

Join us Sunday, January 17th at 11:00 am as Rev. Daybree Thoms begins a series of talks inspired by the book Welcoming the Unwelcome: Wholehearted Living in a Brokenhearted World, authored by Pema Chodron. Pema Chodron is an American-born Buddhist nun, a beloved spiritual teacher, and the best-selling author of over twenty books. Insights from her work offers fresh wisdom, heartfelt reflections, and humor. Also woven into this series are jewels gleaned from The Zen of You and Me, by Diane Musho Hamilton.

Our world is under siege from within and we are living, truly, in unprecedented times. In Unity, we know we have and can develop countless tools to not only endure, but thrive in these times. We are now and will continue to build a stronger and broader sense of community.

You may join us in the Sanctuary, masked and distanced, or join us virtually.