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Living in Love, Certainty and Conviction – Class with Mary Ann Davis

Living in Love, Certainty, and Conviction: The Power to Change Our Lives and Change the World.

Mary Ann Davis offers 3 classes in the sanctuary 

At 7 pm on Monday, Jan, 30, Wed. Feb. 1, and Mon. Feb. 6

  • Are you ready to let go of fear, limitation, and feeling bound by the events in your life and the world around you?
  • Are you ready to completely embrace the divine truth that love is ALL there is?
  • Do you want to live your life in a state of peace, prosperity, good health and joy?

 РIf so, please join me in this three-session class to find our way to that life.

In this class, we will be engaging the teachings of Ernest Holmes through the collection of previously unpublished lectures and lessons found in the book Love and Law. As well as those of Gabrielle Bernstein in her book The Universe Has Your Back.

We will develop a spiritual practice of always coming from a space of love and living in a state of absolute certainty and conviction in the power of spiritual law. From this platform, we will launch a magnificent personal life for ourselves and will help dissolve poverty, hatred, ugliness, and disease in the world. We have that power. Developing absolute conviction fueled by the impulse of love is the key to embracing that power.

This class will delve into the principles we give voice to Unity and help us truly and deeply understand them and believe in them to the core of our being. We will no longer just WANT to believe these powerful principles, we WILL believe.

$15 per class suggested donation or $40 for all three classes.

Contact the church for more information.