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Meditation/Prayer Vigil with Rev Daybree Thoms

As part of our weekly Wellness Wednesdays, Rev Daybree Thoms will be facilitating a prayer vigil with meditation to honor Unity World Day of Prayer which is the following day, Thursday, September 14th.

All are invited to this healing meditative prayerful experience in our beautiful sanctuary. Enjoy a time to commune with Spirit in an inspiring and welcoming setting that will invite the heart to open, soften, and resonate with the vibration of peace.

We invite you to contemplate this year’s guiding prayer.

“Alert and focused, I breathe into this powerful moment. I open my heart that recognizes the healing power of God, the source of wholeness and well-being. I turn within to inexhaustible and ever-flowing divine life.

Compassionately, I acknowledge my human experience. Struggles and challenges come and go, but no human condition can hinder the flow of divine life. I heal as I shift my awareness to my spiritual nature and find that God and I—divine life and I—are one. I have ready access to the fullness of life at all times.

Healing is happening in every moment of spiritual awareness. Knowing that wholeness and well-being are innate, I celebrate my capacity to thrive in every circumstance. With a grateful heart, I heal.

And so it is.”

A Love Offering of $15 to $20 per class will be gladly accepted, but no one is turned away.

Join us by signing up in the sanctuary or let our office coordinator, Carolyn, know your interest via email at or text/call at 305-304-0326.