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What’s Your Superpower?

a workshop with Holly Makimaa

What’s Your Superpower?

Holly Makimaa, Transformational Spiritual Coach and Interfaith Minister

In this interactive and inspirational workshop, you will look at your past successes and mine them for the underlying themes and capacities that make up your unique spiritual “superpowers.” The best way to illumine the darkness is to shine a light on it. Learn where your natural light has always shined throughout your life even and especially in challenging times. Through simple journaling exercises, embodied movements and small group interviewing and listening processes, you will discover where your inner genius is hidden. Each of us has untapped agency we are not aware of ready to be used to creatively solve problems. You will walk away from this workshop with a clearer understanding of how to apply your “superpowers” to areas where you might feel stuck in daily life. Come to this workshop ready to be wowed by your innate inner guidance system!

Holly Makimaa is a transformational spiritual life coach and interfaith/interspirital minister. She believes everyone has “superpowers” that often go untapped and helps people uncover and use them in service of awakening their highest Selves!

Holly regularly gives inspirational talks, workshops, classes and retreats on: creativity and spirituality, holistic self-care, navigating transitions, cultivating compassion, and the healing power of storytelling, movement and writing. She has been facilitating spiritual workshops and retreats for the past 20 years. She last gave a workshop at Unity of the Keys in 2010.