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Leigh Hooten

Leigh Hooten has always loved kids and always wanted to be a mother. Leigh feels that the most important aspect of her life is being a mother – which she is to her 4 children, her 6 grandchildren, and to all the children of the Youth and Family Ministry at Unity of the Keys Spiritual Center here in Key West.

Leigh’s degree is in Textiles and Leigh is a textile designer, creating the costumes for the shows at the Waterfront and Red Barn. Her other passion is also in art – sculpting. Leigh so enjoys the creative process and is always surprised by the outcome.

It is this creative appreciation within Leigh that so connects her with the children in the Youth and Family Ministry. She feels the most important thing is to give kids a sense of safety and belonging. Children’s Sundays are always multi-sensory, engaging the children in play, creativity, fun, and learning.

Leigh also has a love of animals and nature. Key West has been her home for many years and she enjoys all this area has to offer a nature-lover.