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Sermons by Mary Ellen Lapp

Did You Do That On Purpose?

On Novembr 25th,  our guest speaker was Mary Ellen lapp. Her lesson was “Did You Do That On Purpose?” How much of our lives do we just go through the motions? Reacting instead of considering, is this action leading me toward my life purpose? Before you can begin a journey, you must have a destination in mind. Mary Ellen has some clues for…

Burning Bowl Service with Mary Ellen Lapp

Sunday, December 31st was our special service with guest speaker, Mary Ellen lapp The Burning Bowl Ceremony is an opportunity to cleanse the consciousness of old ideas and perceptions that are no longer in harmony with new concepts of spiritual understanding acquired during the past year’s study and growth.  The old ideas are symbolically released…

The Seeker or The Source

On December 24th at 11:00 am, Mary Ellen Lapp was our guest speaker. Her lesson was “The Seeker or the Source”. In the familiar Christmas Story, Mary and Joseph are seeking shelter before the birth of Jesus, the shepherds are seeking the newborn Savior, and the wise men are seeking a new King. What is at the root of our seeking? This…

Mary Ellen Lapp

Great Endings and New Beginnings

On November 19th, Mary Ellen Lapp was our guest speaker. Her lesson was Great Endings and New Beginnings  When one door closes, another door opens. It’s an encouraging thought, yet it’s not always easy to be optimistic when in the throes of a difficult situation. Dwelling on the past or feeling sorry for ourselves does not…