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A Season for Healing: Loving Ourselves

Sunday June 4th:
A Season for Healing: Loving Ourselves

The late Frank Giudici, a Unity minister and innovative Bible scholar, probably best known for his “Love Yourself Into Wholeness” series, said that “all problems, challenges, or whatever we may choose to call them, stem from this one basic problem – the inability to love ourselves totally and unconditionally.” ¬†There are many reasons for this inability, unique to each person.

Often, the wounds we experienced had to do with the way we were parented. This is not to place blame or to continue to judge those who were most probably doing the best they could do, but to increase the awareness of where healing may need to take place in our lives. These weeks between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are our Season for Healing; a time to allow our Christ nature to lead us to wholeness through total and unconditional love.

Let us now “re-parent” ourselves in the ways that support our on-going healing. And through this healing, through our Oneness, we will heal others.