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How To Be A Christmas Religion In An Easter World

Unity is truly a “Christmas Religion” within an “Easter World.” Within the denominations of Christianity, Unity (and other New Thought groups) are unique in our approach to the study and exploration of the teachings of the man known as Jesus, without also focusing on His death. We know Jesus as being our elder brother, our way-show-er, the Great Example – not the Great Exception. We do not believe nor profess that Jesus “died for our sins”, as we do not see ourselves or anyone else as “sinners”. We believe we were all born in original blessings, not original sin.

This creates a special way for us of holding Easter and the Lenten Season. We celebrate the knowing – the Truth – that we are always being born and reborn anew. We are continually being resurrected from error thought and false beliefs. The cross itself represents our grounding in the elements of the earth, reaching ever upward spiritually, and crossing out false beliefs and previously deeply rooted fears.

As we move forward on this third Sunday of Lent, we do so affirming this time of growth and learning. We affirm this as a time of releasing all that no longer serves us and opening to our highest good. We focus on love and experience “the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family.” (from Charles Fillmore)


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