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Simply Planting Seeds – Earth Day 2017

This day we celebrated Earth Day in two ways:
First is the love of and the sacred holding of our earthly home, knowing and affirming our responsibilities in take care of our earth. In humble respect, we hold our precious earthly home in high regard and commit to being good stewards “of every living thing that moves upon the earth” (Gen 1:28).

Second, we acknowledge our individual and community role of “planting seeds”, being Divine Gardeners; planting spiritual seeds of love, acceptance, and understanding. We may never know how these spiritual seeds take root and grow – we only know that we planters of seeds. We also acknowledged that we are to be fertile ground for the receiving of spiritual seeds – for Spirit is always speaking to us, guiding us, loving us.

We joined together to celebrate Earth Day and to honor our humble assignment of being good stewards – physically and spiritually.