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“Unity Principle #1 – God Is!”

Join us for our Sunday Celebration, July 11 at 11:00 a.m. Rev. Daybree Thoms presents her lesson, “Unity Principle #1- God Is!”

We speak these words together each week: “There is only ONE power and ONE presence, in my life and in all the universe, God, the good, Omnipotent.”   All powerful, everywhere present, and the source of all knowledge. This one Principle sets the stage for our philosophical inability to believe in or support any other power – not the devil, not evil, not even the ego – or to see any of these things as possessing a separate ability to affect our lives.

We realize that the God we know today is different than the God we knew last year -not because God changed – but because we have changed..  And we continue to change and grow and learn and grow ever closer to revealing our true nature.  And so our God grows more personal, more influential and more pivotal in every aspect of our lives.

You may join us in person! Facemasks please and social distancing are required. We check temperatures and have excellent sanitizers at our entrances. Unity of the Keys is a place of healing prayer! Connect with us live on YouTube, Facebook or Zoom wherever you are!