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Unity World Day of Prayer at Unity

Thursday September 12th from 9am-6:30pm we will share continuous Affirmative Prayer, Meditation and Spiritual Practices followed by a Potluck Feast!! Refreshments and quiet conversation requested in the Fellowship Area. Noble Silence will be practices in the Sanctuary. We begin each hour with the Daily Word and a moment of Silent Mediatation and the the following practices:

  • 9:00am Daily Word Silent Unity Healing Service with Rev. Judi and Aaron Andes
  • 10:00 Spirit Dance with Alisa Mealor
  • 11:00 Community Healing Circle Noon
  • Noon Inspiration from A.C.I.M. with Justin Parmesano
  • 1:00pm Yoga Nidra with Monica Haskell
  • 2:00 Chanting and Meditation with Rev. Judi, Mike and Jemila
  • 3:00pm (EFT) Tapping with Jody Draves
  • 4:00pm Mindfulness Meditation with Andy Davidson

5:00pm Dances of Universal Peace with Jemila and Mike Felisko

6:00pm A Community Prayer Service followed by a Potluck Dinner!