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Everything Is Better with Friends

EVENT POSTPONED- Everything Is Better with Friends

“Everything Is Better with Friends”

Our 6 week program planned for each Sunday beginning August 15, concluding on September 19, Friendship Sunday has been postponed. Continue to hold those that we would like to see with us in church in your heart and prayers and know we may resume our plans in the near future.

We have been spiffing up our church building and grounds as we prepare to welcome friends to Unity of the Keys. We are really excited about this program of inclusiveness, one of our Core Values. It is a beautiful way for Unity of the Keys to fully arise from the pandemic and greet the Keys alive, awake, alert, & enthusiastic!!
We want you to be a part of it all!

Repeat this Affirmation:
“I reach out and invite my friends, coworkers, and neighbors to experience the joy and love I feel at Unity of the Keys.”

Make A Prayer List of Friends

Take a moment to look at your significant relationships.  Think of people you choose to spend time with on somewhat of a regular basis. Make a list of friends who immediately come to mind.  Try to name as many as possible in the next 60 seconds.

Write those names down.

_________________________________________.  _______________________________________

_________________________________________.  _______________________________________

_________________________________________.  _______________________________________

_________________________________________.  _______________________________________

_________________________________________.  _______________________________________

Now look over the list.

Who shows evidence of a desire for a Spiritual Path?

Who is a person who appears open to connecting with others?

Who do you know who is hurting and might benefit from the healing energy of your church?

Who do you just love to be with?  Who is the “funnest” person you know?

Who goes to church with you? Cross them off this list.

Who attends another church regularly? Cross them off.

Who is left?

This week, Pray that they find their way to Unity of the Keys. 

Ex: “Mother/Father God, Divine Spirit (or your name for God); I thank you for my friends that will be joining me at Unity of the Keys.  I see, feel, & hear them in the seat next to me.  I surround them with your light and love, affirming that they feel a quickening desire to know what I have found through Unity. God, give me the opportunity to invite them to my church with ease and grace. Give me just the right amount of courage and confidence to invite them. May they receive my words with the love I have intended.

Thank you, God. And so it is. ”