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Burning Bowl And LETTERS TO GOD January 5, 2020 with Rev. Elizabeth Longo and Music By: Larry Smith

The Burning Bowl Ceremony is an opportunity to cleanse the consciousness of old ideas and perceptions that are no longer in harmony with new concepts of spiritual understanding acquired during the past year’s study and growth. The old ideas are symbolically released to the cleansing and transforming power of the Holy Spirit by writing them…

Being a Global Citizen – how the Baha’i Faith inspires and guides me…with Carl Schutze and Musician Stevie Vagabond Ewashko…

Having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s during the apartheid era in South Africa, Carl Schutze responded to a burning desire to see the world and arrived in the United States in 1990 on a cultural exchange program with Camp America right after finishing his compulsory military service in the South African Navy. Since then, the former rugby player has experienced…

It’s Potluck Sunday! Rev. Judi’s Lesson, “Mother Mary’s Message to the World” begins the Season of Advent with Music by Larry Smith

Rev. Judi begins the first Sunday of Advent with a metaphysical interpretation of the Mother Mary archetype. Mother Mary is the embodiment of focused vision and determination on the spiritual path. She and her cousin Elizabeth exemplify the art of keeping the balance of responsibility and lightheartedness in our daily lives.